Carfume – have a scented journey!

Why beautiful tiny things and aromas should surround us only at home? Now, thanks for Carfume – a new label in our portfolio – you can also take care of your car interior.

Into Carfume label, we propose you, for example, scented car bangles made of felt. They not only fill up car interior with original, nice smell, but also will be trendy, eye-catching gadget.

Scented bangles were made of soft felt and they have unique forms and colors – everyone will find something for yourself. If you are fan of great journeys, you can choose a bangle in red London kiosk form with exotic Papaya aroma. Car-drivers, who like to be wild during journey, surely will like a garish, violet gadget in cat form with Vanilla aroma. And for car masters we have a New car – green bangle-bus with an exclusive new care aroma.

But Carfume is not just felt bangles. Soon in shops you will find also scented tissues for cleaning cockpit and scented neutralizers in spray, which let you quick freshen car interior and give it beautiful aroma, so you can have a great comfort of your journey.