Home perfume Pachnaca Szafa PRESTIGE is an exclusive bottle filled with the fragrance essence.

Using the fibrin sticks placed in the bottle it will fill the room with the intense aroma. Thanks to its elegant form the air freshener is an elegant decoration that fits both traditional and modern interiors. It is perfect for homes, hotels, cafes or beauty salons.

Available scents:

AMARANTI – a delicate powdery-fruit composition of wild rose, freesia and orange blossom tones

SWEET PEPPER – the deep, warm, aroma of cardamom and lavender mixed with juicy mandarin

NEW MORNING – a vibrant composition created from the scents of cedar wood, warm amber, cinnamon and cloves

CAPPUCINO – an intensive and warm mix of aromas of coffee, toffee, liquorice and fresh orange

CHOCOLATE – a rich composition formed from the aromas of cocoa, almonds, caramel and sweet vanilla

CHERRY PIE – an appetising bouquet composed from the aromas of juicy cherry, cinnamon and rose petals

TROPICAL ISLAND – a fruity-oriental scent with tangible notes of exotic fruits accented with vanilla and sandalwood

EUPHORICA – an intense, oriental composition of the scents of freesia, cedar and vanilla with sweet mango and pineapple

LADY ORCHID – an original combination of the aromas of ripe peach, jasmine and mountain violet with a hint of oak moss