Pachnąca Szafa

In 2007, the idea was born to enrich the everyday lives of Polish women and men with small pleasures in the form of home fragrances. This resulted in the establishment of the Pachnąca Szafa brand, addressed to everyone who likes to surround themselves with a beautiful fragrance every day.

While creating our products, we were inspired by the searches for creators of French perfumes and the scents of nature, their depth and impact on our senses and well-being. Over the years, we have been improving our products and we are constantly surprising our customers with new ideas to meet their high expectations, while meeting all safety standards. Customers love our scented sachets, scented oils, decorative air fresheners, vacuum cleaner drops and jelly pearls. Thanks to high quality and affordable price, our products have appeared in many living rooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and wardrobes, bedrooms, and even offices and hotels.

The passion with which we approach our work and the enthusiasm with which we perform it have made us a leader on the home fragrance market in Poland, leaving international corporations far behind. We are a POLISH FAMILY COMPANY. We employ people almost all over the Poland. We follow fair trade principles in business. We employ employees on the basis of an employment contract, we also ensure that they work in safe conditions.

Our customers value our 100% POLISH BRAND, and reaching for our products give jobs to our employees and suppliers. We are and we will be with you!