The aroma of cotton has a unique light and powdery character. It is associated with cleanliness and comfort.


Basil comes from India. It is a popular spice in Italian and Asian cuisine.


Peach, a wonderful sweet and juicy fruit, accompanies us on warm summer days. We love it for its distinctive taste and aroma that caresses the senses.


Cinnamon is the oldest spice in the world that has found application not only in the kitchen, but also in medicine and perfumery.


Lemon is a tree that produces light yellow fruit, grown in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world.


The blooming cherry tree is a symbol of the victory of spring over winter. The beautiful, spring aroma of cherry blossom allows you to move your thoughts to an orchard full of fruit trees showered with white and pink flowers.


Jasmine has a beautiful, ravishing and intensive scent.


Lavender is the real pride of the inhabitants of Provence, who use the essential oils of this plant not only for the production of cosmetics, but also for the preparation of jams, tinctures, desserts and cakes.


Lime is used in the food, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. It has a sour, tart taste and intense aroma.


Magnolias are one of the oldest plants on earth! They appeared about 100 million years ago, and to this days – like water lilies – they have hardly changed their appearance.


Mint has been used in the kitchen, medicine and cosmetics for centuries. All thanks to menthol smell and taste that has cooling and refreshing properties.


Orange oil has a wonderful aroma of fresh orange that almost everyone likes.


Vanilla is one of the most liked spices in the world. It owes its popularity to a wonderful warm-sweet aroma that puts you in a good mood and sets it positively.

Green tea

We have known about the miraculous properties of green tea for a long time. It has been very popular for years.

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