Lavender is the real pride of the inhabitants of Provence, who use the essential oils of this plant not only for the production of cosmetics, but also for the preparation of jams, tinctures, desserts and cakes.

It is one of the most important plants for the perfume and cosmetics industry. Pharmacists and foodies appreciate it. Lavender oil has a floral scent, with a fresh green note and a balsamic wood note.

It is used for the manufacture of soaps, creams and bath cosmetics. It is also the basis of many perfume and perfumed water blends. Aromatic compounds contained in lavender oil have a toning effect on the nervous system. This means that the smell of this oil calms down, soothes the effects of emotional stress and nervous tension, makes it easier to fall asleep.

Dried lavender flowers and leaves can be put in a canvas bag and kept by the pillow - they will help you sleep peacefully through the night. However, in the case of fatigue and weariness, the smell of lavender stimulates mental activity. In emergency situations, you can help yourself by spraying the skin with lavender-based toilet water, lighting an aromatherapy oil burner or taking a bath with a few drops of oil.