Magnolias are one of the oldest plants on earth! They appeared about 100 million years ago, and to this days - like water lilies - they have hardly changed their appearance.

In China, they are considered a symbol of purity and sincerity. They are mainly loved for their showy, pink or white flowers. They are one of the popular ingredients of spring perfumes.

Single, beautifully fragrant magnolia flowers most often appear on the twigs before the leaves appear. Magnolia flowers are the largest flowers formed by trees.

Magnolia finds a wide decorative, culinary and even medicinal use. Flower petals and powdered magnolia leaves are marinated and used as a seasoning for rice.

It is the most popular and charming type of ornamental plants, valued all over the world. Its flowers captivate with their beauty and seduce with their fragrance.

The aroma of magnolia is a relaxing fragrance and is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.