• Home Perfume New York


    The incomparably intense aroma of Home Perfume NEW YORK is the quintessence of cosmopolitan New York. The fragrance was inspired by a cultural mix from different parts of the world, as well as the originality and modernity of New York streets.

  • Scented sachet Tonka & Patchouli


    Fill the interior of your wardrobe, chest of drawers or walk-in closet with the intense scent of perfume created from exotic notes of tonka bean, grapefruit and dry chords of ebony and patchouli.

  • Reed diffuser with wooden decoration Tonka & Patchouli


    Reed diffuser with a wooden decoration in the shape of a twig will be a unique home decoration in the spirit of closeness to nature. They will fill the interior with an intense perfume scent created from exotic notes of tonka bean, grapefruit and dry chords of ebony and patchouli.

  • Scented sachet Romantic Harbor


    Scented Sachet Romatic Harbor invites you for a walk to the lake. The combination of rich floral-fruity chords refreshes and stimulates. The fragrance was created from the aromas of cherry blossom, tangerine, pineapple, rose and sandalwood. Place it in a wardrobe, drawer, chest of drawers or on a shelf with bedding and enjoy the wonderful aroma.

  • Aerosol Air Freshener Cotton & Lotus Flower


    Aerosol air freshener Cotton & Lotus Flower is a subtle combination of the scent of cotton and the velvety scent of lotus. Let yourself be enchanted by the freshness of flowers!

  • Wood Art Perfume BLACK AMBER


    Wood Art Perfume Black Amber is a fragrant interior decoration in an elegant wooden holder. An exclusive air freshener with an extremely intense aroma. Black Amber – a fragrance inspired by the aroma of perfume. A mixture of floral and woody aromas created from notes of amber, orange blossom, tangerine and cedar.

  • Decorative air freshener Romantic Harbor


    Two-color air freshener Romantic Harbor will make you feel like taking a walk by the lake. Take a walk to a romantic haven!

  • Decorative air freshener Blue Ocean


    Two-color air freshener Blue Ocean will make you return to holiday escapades in your memory. Dive into the depths of the blue ocean!

  • Scented sachet for underwear drawer Sweet Night


    Sweet Night sachet will fill the underwear drawer with a sensual fragrance made of notes of Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, rose and ripe tangerine. Sachets made of white paper with black print are the quintessence of elegance. They fit perfectly to a chest of drawers with underwear, a wardrobe and a shelf with bedding.