It will fill the room with an intense aroma with the help of fibrin sticks placed in a bottle.

Thanks to its elegant form, the air freshener is an elegant decoration that matches both traditional and modern interiors. It works perfectly not only at home, but also at a hotel, cafe or beauty salon.

Scented mists

Fill the house with the scent of luxurious perfumes thanks to the delicate water mist. This is an irreplaceable way to refresh immediately.

The mist envelops the room with an exquisite perfume scent and is a wonderful feast for the senses. Adjust the fragrance to your preferences. Choose sensual, intensely floral Passion, spontaneous and innocent, filled to the brim with floral freshness Secret or dynamic, full of unfettered freedom fruity and powder Illusion.


Fragrant sachets for the wardrobe will fill the selected interior with an intense, floral aroma.

The collection of fabulously fragrant sachets for the wardrobe is, among others aromas of magnolia, lavender, cherries, lemongrass, jasmine and sandalwood, vanilla and bergamot, and fresh laundry.

The sachets slowly release a refreshing, floral aroma, giving a sense of freshness.

They are perfect for wardrobes, drawers, chests of drawers, as well as for shelves with bedding.

Pachnąca Szafa

We are a team of experienced, positive people who are happy to create new projects. We put maximum knowledge and commitment into each of our projects. We focus on quality, ethics and customer satisfaction. Products that were created for people for whom the smell they surround is an integral part of life. We offer a wide selection of high quality fragrance compositions in a wide variety of product solutions.

The PRESTIGE Wardrobe brand was created especially for the HoReCa industry. The collection is made up of a wide selection of specially selected fragrance vases that reflect the latest trends.