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The incomparably intense aroma of Home Perfume PARIS is the quintessence of chic straight from Paris. The fragrance was inspired by current trends in perfumery, fashion and design.

Home Perfume PARIS fill the room with an exclusive aroma created from notes of apple and orange blossoms, highlighted by chords of saffron and moss and a noble note of magnolia. The intoxicating and non-obvious composition of perfume fills the house with a wealth of aromas, introducing a sense of luxury and elegance into the interior. The classic packaging design and black accessories make Home Perfume PARIS an elegant, fashionable interior decoration.

Top note: apple blossom, orange blossom.
Heart note: magnolia, freesia.
Base note: saffron, moss.

How to use: Open the bottle and put the cap on it. Insert the sticks into the bottle and enjoy the wonderful scent of perfume.

Capacity: 40 ml

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40 ml


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