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Scented Ceramics Red Sandalwood

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Scented ceramics will fill the selected interior with the intense scent of sandalwood. This fragrant decoration will delight anyone who is looking for originality and natural interior decoration accessories. The pendant is made of natural materials and is recyclable. It is a Vegan Friendly product – it does not contain ingredients of animal origin and has not been tested on animals. But most of all, it smells great and looks beautiful!

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Scented ceramics is an elegant interior fragrance enclosed in an original decoration created in the spirit of ECO. A simple form, natural materials and an intense scent of sandalwood make it a one-of-a-kind decoration. Perfect for a wardrobe, wardrobe, cupboard, drawer, chest of drawers, shelf with bedding and a car.

How to use: Remove the foil bag. Without removing the pottery from the box, tie it loosely with the attached ribbon so that it does not touch any surfaces or clothing.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

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6 x 6 cm

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  • Scented sachets for the car Sandalwood

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    Scented sachets for the car with the slogan ENJOY LIFE will be an irreplaceable companion for every further and closer journey. They will fill the car interior with the intense scent of sandalwood and improve the mood. Stimulate your senses with a wonderful aroma and catch a positive attitude!
    The package contains 2 sachets.