Decorative air freshener Romantic Harbor

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Two-color air freshener Romantic Harbor will make you feel like taking a walk by the lake. Take a walk to a romantic haven!

Decorative air freshener Romantic Harbor will make you feel like taking a walk by the lake. The fragrance essence is enclosed in an elegant bottle, and thanks to the fibrin sticks it will slowly release for many weeks. Put it in the bathroom, bedroom, study or office and enjoy its unique appearance and intense fragrance. Take a walk to a romantic haven! Fragrance notes: sandalwood, almonds, cherry blossom, rose, cherry, tangerine, pineapple.

How to use: Open the bottle. Insert the sticks inside. The fragrance lasts up to several weeks depending on the location of the bottle, the size of the room, as well as air circulation and the composition used.

Capacity: 50 ml

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50 ml

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