Scented sachet Tonka & Patchouli

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Fill the interior of your wardrobe, chest of drawers or walk-in closet with the intense scent of perfume created from exotic notes of tonka bean, grapefruit and dry chords of ebony and patchouli.

A refreshing composition of perfume with an intensely woody character will fill the interior with a wealth of aromas, introducing a sense of luxury and elegance.

Top note: grapefruit, mandarin.
Heart note: bay leaf, tonka bean.
Base note: ebony, patchouli.

How to use: Remove the foil bag. Place the sachet in the desired place using the adhesive tape. The sachet should be placed in a closed place, such as the inside of a closet, closet, cupboard or drawer.

Net weight: 3,5 g

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3,5 g


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