• GIFT SET large oil burner, Cinnamon scented oil


    Give your loved ones a unique, fragrant gift! The set containing Cinnamon scented oil and an aromatherapy oil burner was created for a special time of Christmas gifts.

  • Soy candle Christmas Night


    Fill your home with the intense scent of Christmas! The aroma of the Christmas Night soy candle combines warm notes of coconut milk, roasted almonds, cinnamon and nuts. The wealth of aromas will fill your home with extraordinary Christmas coziness.

  • Scented sachet Ylang & Amber


    Fill the interior of your wardrobe, chest of drawers or walk-in closet with the intense scent of perfume created from the elegant notes of ylang-ylang flowers, cedar wood and ginger.

  • Reed diffuser with wooden decoration Ylang & Amber


    Reed diffuser with a wooden decoration in the shape of a twig will be a unique home decoration in the spirit of closeness to nature. It will fill the interior with an intense perfume scent created from elegant notes of ylang-ylang flowers, cedar wood and amber.

  • PRESTIGE Decorative air freshener New Morning


    Decorative air freshener New Morning will fill your home with vibrant energy. Give in to this feeling. Thanks to its elegant form, it is a decoration of both traditional and modern interiors. It is perfect for home, hotel, cafe or beauty salon.

  • Essential Oil De-Stress


    Essential oil De-stress is made of a mixture of natural essential oils – black spruce, tea tree and Ceylon cinnamon. It supports stress reduction. It allows you to calm down and relax. It improves well-being. De-stress oil will be an irreplaceable support in difficult times or emotional problems.

  • Scented Oil Cinnamon


    Scented oil Cinnamon will give the selected room a unique aroma. A few drops of the oil added to an electric diffuser, ceramic oil burner, radiator humidifier or dried flowers will fill the selected room with a wonderful scent that stimulates the senses.