• Scented sachet for bag Sport Fresh

    Original price was: 4,29 zł.Current price is: 3,65 zł.

    Scented sachet for the handbag Sport Fresh will give every clutch bag, messenger bag or shopper a wonderful, intense aroma of perfume. It contains a substance that neutralizes unpleasant odors, thanks to which it effectively removes all unwanted odors. The woody-fruity aroma was created from accords of sandalwood, musk and ripe citrus. Enjoy the unparalleled freshness of your bags and handbags!

  • Scented sachet for a sports bag Sport Fresh

    Original price was: 4,15 zł.Current price is: 3,53 zł.

    The sachet eliminates unpleasant odors and refreshes the inside of the bag. Enjoy a fresh, expressive woody fragrance in every situation!

  • Scented shoe sachet Sport Fresh


    Sport Fresh sachet gives shoes a fresh, woody and fruity aroma. Placed in footwear, it eliminates unpleasant odors and refreshes its interior. Enjoy the fresh, intense smell of your shoes every time you use them! The longer the sachet is in the shoe, the more effectively it removes unpleasant odors. Fits any type of footwear. Especially recommended for sports shoes.