• Reed Diffuser Christmas Snow


    Fill the interior with the intense scent of Christmas created from fresh notes of spruce and orange combined with the aroma of pine needles and honey cones. The wealth of aromas will fill your home with extraordinary Christmas coziness!

  • Essential Oil De-Stress


    Essential oil De-stress is made of a mixture of natural essential oils – black spruce, tea tree and Ceylon cinnamon. It supports stress reduction. It allows you to calm down and relax. It improves well-being. De-stress oil will be an irreplaceable support in difficult times or emotional problems.

  • Air freshener Aromatic Spruce


    Do you love Christmas? Make their unique atmosphere present in your home as long as possible. Intense Christmas notes have been closed in a decorative bottle in the shape of a Christmas tree, which is a colorful Christmas accent. Nothing makes you feel more festive than the smell of a freshly cut tree. Experience this extraordinary fragrance today. Feel the real magic of Christmas!