• Air Freshener Green Tea & Orchid


    The combination of the refreshing scent of green tea and the subtle scent of orchid flowers will fill your home with the aroma of exotic gardens. With the help of rattan sticks placed in a glass bottle, it keeps a fresh scent in the room. Thanks to its simple and elegant form, it is a decoration of both traditional and modern interiors.

  • Vacuum Cleaner Drops Green Tea


    An effective way to fill the interior with a pleasant fragrance while vacuuming. The drops, sucked in at the beginning of cleaning, will fill the entire room with the fresh aroma of green tea thanks to the circulation of the hot air.

  • Scented Oil Green Tea


    Scented oil Green Tea will give the selected room a unique aroma. A few drops of the oil added to an electric diffuser, ceramic oil burner, radiator humidifier or dried flowers will fill the selected room with a wonderful scent that stimulates the senses.