• Home perfume You’ve got this


    Home perfume You’ve got this will fill the interior with the intriguing, sensual aroma of oriental perfumes. Notes of lychee and almond combine with chords of orange blossom and rose complemented by warm vanilla, enveloping amber and a pinch of tonka.

  • Essential Oil Yoga Time

    Original price was: 13,39 zł.Current price is: 11,38 zł.

    Essential Oil Yoga Time is made of a mixture of natural essential oils – black pepper, wild rose, patchouli and sandalwood. It has stimulating and energizing properties, and at the same time favors concentration and relaxation. Yoga Time oil will be a great companion during training or yoga.

  • Aerosol Air Freshener Fiji Flowers


    Aerosol air freshener Fiji Flowers is a mood-enhancing floral composition full of joy and refreshment. Get carried away by positive energy!