• Soy candle Cosy Winter


    Wrap your interior with a cozy winter aroma! The aroma of the Cozy Winter soy candle combines notes of raspberry, blood orange, mistletoe, pine and warm vanilla. The wealth of aromas will fill your home with extraordinary Christmas coziness.

  • Home perfume You’ve got this


    Home perfume You’ve got this will fill the interior with the intriguing, sensual aroma of oriental perfumes. Notes of lychee and almond combine with chords of orange blossom and rose complemented by warm vanilla, enveloping amber and a pinch of tonka.

  • Scented Candle SLEEP lavender & vanilla


    Fill your home with an intense fragrance inspired by the aromas of nature. The scented candle SLEEP lavender & vanilla with natural essential oils will allow you to calm down and relax at home.

  • Decorative air freshener Vanilla & Red Pepper


    Decorative air freshener Vanilla & Red Pepper decorated with a composition of dried plants is a perfect combination of nature and modern form. The aroma of vanilla and red pepper evokes the mood of a romantic evening for two.

  • PRESTIGE Decorative air freshener Euphorica


    Decorative air freshener Euphorica will make your home smell of happiness and only pleasant memories. Thanks to its elegant form, it is a decoration of both traditional and modern interiors. It is perfect for home, hotel, cafe or beauty salon.

  • Essential Oil Sweet Dream


    Essential Oil Sweet Dream was created from a mixture of natural essential oils – lavender, chamomile and marjoram. Drawing from the richness of herbs, it helps fight nervous tension, reduces anxiety and makes it easier to fall asleep. It also has an antidepressant, sedative and anxiolytic effect. Sweet Dream oil will be an irreplaceable help in times of increased stress or sleep problems.

  • Scented Oil Vanilla


    Scented oil Vanilla will give the selected room a unique aroma. A few drops of the oil added to an electric diffuser, ceramic oil burner, radiator humidifier or dried flowers will fill the selected room with a wonderful scent that stimulates the senses.

  • Scented wardrobe sachet deMole Strong Lavender & Vanilla

    Original price was: 7,47 zł.Current price is: 6,35 zł.

    DeMole Strong sachet is a product for special tasks. Contains granules soaked in a liquid that effectively fights adult moths. The sachet is perfect for a wardrobe, drawer, chest of drawers as well as shelves with clothes or bedding. Feel the power of lavender and the calming power of vanilla. 100% effectiveness for 3 months!

  • Scented sachet for underwear drawer Sweet Night


    Sweet Night sachet will fill the underwear drawer with a sensual fragrance made of notes of Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, rose and ripe tangerine. Sachets made of white paper with black print are the quintessence of elegance. They fit perfectly to a chest of drawers with underwear, a wardrobe and a shelf with bedding.